Who we are

La Forma del Cuore APS “The Shape of the Heart” was founded in Piacenza, Italy on January 12th 2012 as a non-profit apolitical Social Promotion Association in accordance with the Italian Civil Code 383/2000.

Faced with the pessimism and resignation generated by the ongoing moral and economic crisis, we intend to respond with a commitment towards personal rebirth by discovering and upholding people’s talents.

Hence, the purpose of La Forma del Cuore includes:

A) To Promote the awareness of one’s competencies, talents, abilities, and passion, enable a culture of innovation, the spirit of initiative, a bias for action, entrepreneurship, and facilitate the constructive exchange of ideas and collaboration through the:

  • organization of educational activities, experiences and information sharing;
  • organization of events related to life experience and cultural activities;
  • management of shows, manifestations, theater and artistic groups, hands-on laboratories in general, and otherwise implement all related activities;
  • development and production of training and information products and services;
  • organization of trips and interactive training;
  • publication of editorial and multimedia works in any format;
  • collaboration with any entity, public or private, in the implementation of activities, be they similar or complementary to our business purpose;
  • consulting, documentation generation in any digital or analog form, and information useful to those (organizations, entities, associations or private parties) interested in acquiring a greater awareness of their own capacities as whole persons, towards the development of their creativity, innovation and
  • Experimentation with techniques, equipment, and tools in the following sectors: man and society, power and energy, water safety and recycling, agriculture, forestry, fishing and aquaculture, transformation of agricultural products and food production, industry, engineering and services, construction, health, peace, non-violence and disarmament;

B) To enable the discovery and development of talents through complete educational experiences (including body, hands, heart and mind).

C) Uphold cultural traditions, uses and customs, and native technology, with particular attention to experiences from the following regions: Emilia Romagna, Piemonte e Lombardia being the headquarters and place of origin and/or residence of our founding members while operating nationally and internationally.

The activities of the association and its ends are inspired by principles of equal opportunity among men and women and by the respect for the inalienable rights of the person.

Anyone choosing to take part in our association, as an active member, will have opportunities use their own talents in the service of creating opportunities and personal growth paths both for themselves and for others.

Hence, what La Forma del Cuore will become, will depend on the people who will invest time and energy with their hearts and minds.

by Camille Ferond

Un commento su “Who we are”

  1. Buongiorno a tutti,
    vi scrivo perché ho avuto modo di parlare inizi Aprile con Don Pietro a Verdeto riguardo alla settimana sulla ROBOTICA (Thymio) per i ragazzi, illustratami peraltro anche con entusiasmo da Giuditta, una compagna di classe di mia figlia che l’ha frequentata l’anno scorso.

    Visto che sono molto interessata a far partecipare mia figlia ed un nostro cugino (anni 11 e 14) alla settimana che si terrà quest’estate a Verdeto, vorrei sapere se è già stato definito il periodo (il Don mi aveva accennato che le date erano in via di definizione ma poi non ho più avuto occasione di rincontrarlo).

    Attendo fiduciosa vs aggiornamenti, ringraziando fin d’ora per il gentile interessamento

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